Corporate Members

Corporate Member Opportunities

Many of our activities are made possible by the support of our wonderful Corporate Members, all connected to the business of food. We have opportunities for Corporate businesses to be involved in events, awards, sponsorship and conference.

Reaching the members of Food Writers New Zealand can be an effective form of promoting your food related product or business to a passionate and influential audience.
To talk to us about the following advertising opportunities or how you can be involved in our many events and activities, please contact us  here or email

Advertorial in e-digest

E-Newsletter emailed out to members

Advertorial should be no more than 350 words. Text and photographs for advertorials should be supplied as finished copy. A fee of at least $50 will apply for any advertisements requiring layout and design to cover any costs incurred. Advertorials will be appropriately marked as such in the email.

Corporate member logo placement (website)

We are able to offer a logo placement for 12 months on the website to assist with the marketing and promotion of your company or brand. Your logo will be placed at the base of a page. Logo can be emailed as jpeg or gif image to

 Corporate Mail-outs

These will reach all Professional, Associate and Corporate members on our database. If you require a mail-out to be sent via NZ post then items must be in stamped envelopes, prepaid courier bags or boxes as appropriate; we do not package these up on your behalf. If possible two weeks’ notice should be given. Items will then be labeled and dispatched on your behalf.
Note: Envelopes must be stuffed and pre-stamped with the correct postage.

Corporate Email Service

A cost-effective alternative to mail-outs is offered. This is an email service, where media releases, product information, event invitations or other information can be sent to our members database and also placed onto the Food Writers website. The fee is the same as for hard mail-outs, however you do not incur the postage or courier fee.

To organise any of the above opportunities please contact the administrator at